If You Are Going Through A Painful Divorce, You Must Read on:
 "A Reformed "Killer" Divorce Attorney and a Renowned Psychologist Reveal The Startling Truth Which Protects YOU and Your Children From Financial and Emotional Ruin During Your Divorce."

From Dr. Max Vogt, Psychologist, Nevada City, California
and Cynthia Tiano, Attorney-At-Law, Palm Beach County, Florida

Dear Friend,
Are you considering getting a divorce, going through a divorce, or already divorced and still fighting with your "ex"? ... then this will be the most important letter you have ever read.
Getting a divorce is extremely stressful and we know you are worried about getting what you deserve and if you will be okay financially and emotionally. You want a way to dramatically reduce your divorce expenses and protect your children, the true victims of divorce, from all of divorce's negative consequences.
Are you worried that you will be cheated in your divorce?
Think the divorce lawyers will take you to the cleaners and your ex will wind up with everything?
Does the thought of your ex winning your divorce fill you up with anger and rage, making it difficult to think clearly and make rational decisions?
Afraid your kids will suffer emotional damage from your divorce?
Then consider yourself normal. Most people when faced with divorce feel these emotions. Thankfully there is a another way. A way to get what you deserve without conflict, fighting and having to hand over your life savings to divorce lawyers.
We believe we have found the answer and it may shock and surprise you. The truth is you can resolve your divorce amicably and peacefully even when your situation seems hopeless.

It's time for an alternative to "standard" divorce approaches. YOU want everyone to get along as well as possible going through this tough process. You want as much fairness and compassion as possible. You know this is a trying and difficult process for everyone.

Haven't you wondered if there was a way that this challenging time could be handled differently? So that no one ends up being considered "bad" or "wrong?" Well, the good news is... there is a way. And we'd like to show it to you now.

We are offering you an alternative and one we believe will call upon the very best of who you are. One which by our experience of many decades of work with divorcing families gives you the best chance of a loving, fair, thoughtful and positive divorce, and a love-filled life afterwards.

We'll put it all before you and you can make up your own mind. Fair enough?

OK, here's the first part...
  • Divorce can bring personal pain, devastation and confusion... but it doesn't have to... if you are prepared!
  • When you are really prepared... mentally... emotionally... with the right information... well... then, divorce can be a totally different, and even (as strange as it might seem) positive experience.
We've seen proof in our practices... over and over again... that you can be "Happily Divorced!"

We Don't Want To Offend You So
Let's Put in A Word of Warning

We have devoted our entire adult lives working with people in emotional pain and suffering, and helping people go through the agonies and grief that separation and divorce can bring, and get to the other side... to move on... and we've both become very successful at helping people do this.

And so we would never want to say something which would offend you or make you more nervous or upset than you already are, if you are considering getting a divorce or in any part of the process of separation or divorce. And we hope you understand this because...

The Rest of This Letter is About
A New Positive Way of Getting Divorced

If the subject of divorce... and even the possibility of positive divorce... embarrasses you... offends you... or... ;if your religion teaches you that divorce is bad no matter what... and you feel you shouldn't even imagine divorce as a positive, life-enhancing experience... then... please... stop reading right now.

We don't want to shock you or hurt you in any way.

However, when you feel you may have the courage.. the personal strength and maturity... to consider something new - when you dream of not only going through a divorce "amicably"....but...are ready to truly consider the possibility of divorce as being one of the most truly life-enhancing and even inspiring and deeply transforming experiences you have ever had...

...and when you are prepared to discover the little-known secrets of the "Happily Divorced" (less than 1 out of 10,000 people even know about this)... well... when that's the case... then...this will be the most exciting letter you ever read.

Now, Divorce Can Be... Good!
The Line of "Normal"Is Changed.

Divorce is now normal and you don't have to feel ashamed of it... or afraid of it!

Here is why you will love this news:

Thanks to a new "openness" about lifestyles... new personal options... choosing how you want to live... and our changing views of personal freedom sweeping the country, your entirely normal drive to make your own choices about being married... not being married... taking charge of your own life... is now shared by millions of other people. Those who hold on to the "old" ways of living and thinking are passing away... as are their old-fashioned opinions and judgments.

The new ways of personal freedom are here.

In these past few years it has become OK to recognize that... despite our former viewpoints... divorce can be a positive experience... and that is now more common to get a divorce sometime in your life... than to never get divorced.

We can teach you the strategies and techniques and will can turn a divorce battle into a "happy" divorce. Don't believe us? Here is sample of what we can teach you
  • How to "handle" the urge for revenge... every time! (Almost everyone feels this... and almost no one knows how to handle it)
  • The Number One Rule that creates the foundation for Happy Divorce (it's not what you think... few even have ever heard of this)
  • The deadly mistakes 90% of all couples make during divorce... and... how to quickly and efficiently avoid them... to give you the best chance at a Happy Divorce (avoiding this one makes the rest of the techniques 340% easier)
  • How to almost guarantee that your spouse will join with you in creating a Happy Divorce... no matter what has happened before)
  • The "5-minute secret" that can turn the atmosphere of your divorce around immediately! (It's so simple, you might kick yourself that you didn't think of it)
"... Now I feel powerful, clear and know exactly what I'm doing"

“I feel relieved. Of so much. Not only of the burden of pain and suffering after my husband's affiar... but of the burden of always feeling judged, criticized and 'wrong'... Now I feel powerful, clear and know exactly what I'm doing and want to do with my life. This out of what I felt to be the most devastating thing I could experience, my husband's betrayal! Seems weird... but true. Get Dr. Max's course, you need it."

Tina L, Clarmont, CA

Who are We and Why Should You Listen to Us?
Let Us Introduce Ourselves:
Dr. Max Marriage Counseling divorce, mediation

Dr. Max Vogt
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, bestselling author

Profile: Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, business consultant/trainer, 27 years professional experience in private practice and agencies, bestselling author of books, videos and courses, trainer supervisor of licensed therapists.
Cynthia Tiano, ESQ Licensed Divorce Attorney, Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator

Profile: Licensed Attorney practicing divorce law for 25 years,certified family mediator for over 10 years, and author. Innovative specialty in high-conflict co-parenting and custody mediation and family mediation, including all parties involved in the conflict. A leader in the field of peaceful divorce, and collaborative mediation.

Warning: "...this information...will help you take control of your life during a time when you can fall prey to the notion that you are a "victim", and will give you the tools for making your divorce one of the most empowering experiences of your life. You are at risk of "breaking the mold"!

Since Most Are Touched By Divorce...
How You Deal With It Is Your Choice!
If your "common sense" is working at all, you already know, deep down, that when we live so long... up to 90 years or even more... thathaving a divorce is likely for most of us...statistics prove it... and that we have two choices when we divorce: suffer and be miserable... or ... become Happily Divorced!... and create the foundation for a positive, productive life for ourselves... our children... our relatives... our friends... even our society.

There has been a major problem though. Both for people going through divorce... and those wanting to have a healthy new relationship after divorce (more on new relationships later in this letter).

  • Up until now, very few (not more than 1 in 10,000) people even considered the possibility of a "happy divorce." It's just been an unknown idea... almost... a blasphemy... something so undiscussed... even among good friends... that you could actually be happy with your divorce... that divorce might be just a normal part of life.

So who can you trust... or even talk to... about the possibility of having a good divorce... a positive one... a happy divorce?

Up until now - honestly - very few people!

Most attorneys... counselors... therapists...and self-proclaimed "divorce experts" don't have a clue... about the astounding NEW possibilities of divorce.. without shame... without blame! And what they don't know, they can't help you with!

You see, nearly every other "divorce information" product we've seen on the market is nothing more than...
Just "Power Methods" to Win In Court
(And Not to Truly Get Along and Understand One Another)
Most of the so-called "experts" you see and hear... read about in the newspaper... on the radio...on television... don't have the first inkling about how to have a divorce that can be just as satisfying as any other growth experience in life.

"Standard" Divorce Approaches Don't Work.
They Never Have and They Never Will...
And Since the "Usual Experts" Don't Really Know Anything Else, Their Advice Can Make Divorce A Bad Experience Instead of A Positive One
Look... anyone can call themselves a "divorce expert."

But... Many of The "Real" Experts' Advice
Isn't Any Better

But not one "expert" in a thousand knows or reports anything new about divorce... they just pass on "the usual" ignorance... and when this outdated fighting model of divorce is passed on to the public, all it does is keep good people in the Dark Agesabout divorce... and what divorce really can be!

The attorneys who push litigation (fighting) in divorce court and deliberately keep the fires of anger and resentment burning, make the problem worse. They represent the lowest common denominator ofdivorce information.

  • Anyone who believes they can get a "good divorce" from litigation in court... over family matters...is making a serious mistake... a very serious... costly... painful... and permanent error... one you might never live down... one which will haunt you for the rest of your life.

When youtruly wish to have a good... positive... productive life after divorce, please do not consult these "you can win" manuals, books or attorneys!

No, let's go further. When you even want to have a DECENT family and relationship life after divorce, just trash those manuals and fire those "love to fight" attorneys!

The divorce system is a mess out there: Millions of decent people are floundering... trying to get their hands on honest... fair... information on how to have a decent divorce... and all they are getting for their hard-earned money is... well... toxic!

It's just not fair. There's no way you could be responsible for the outcomes if you are using this junk.

However there is....
The Most Exciting Divorce News Ever!

Listen:Between the two of us (Dr. Max and Cynthia Tiano, ESQ), we have spent 50 years working with people going through divorces. We've spent well over $100,000 between the two of us on advanced training in that time... and met with thousands of clients.

We've heard every single...
painful... story you can imagine about betrayal... frustration... greed... abuse... fear... we've heard every nasty revenge scheme in the book... every plot against "that ##%%&&!" you can imagine... every single reason people give to be nasty and rejecting... every single rationalization people will give to turn their back on their spouse and treat them like an enemy.

We've heard every "expert," with every opinion in the book... every "theory"... every legal defense... every psychological point of view... every psychobabble explanation for why people act the way they do... every conceivable angle on how divorce hurts children... every single religious argument against divorce...

...every single painful confession of someone ashamed for "breaking their vows"... everyone who has ever been betrayed in affairs and is scrambling to put their dignity back together... every single counselor in the world with their negative theories about divorce does to people and families...


"It's time to have a brand new... human... realistic... powerful... approach to divorce which doesn't produce shame, terror and lifelong loss of self-esteem. It's time for the new era to begin. It's time to throw out all the old books... and start anew."

And that's just exactly what we've decided to do... this is why we founded the Peaceful Divorce Project... and why we decided to literally write the book... about Happy Divorce. The kind of course never before conceived, and the only course of its kind in existence!
They Demonstrate How to Be Happily Divorced!
Look. There are small pockets of rare professionals... with whom we are in contact... who share our new and breakthrough vision. Our deepest hope is that the others are not far behind.

We have a mission.

The mission is to change the mindset of all the litigation (fighting) divorce attorneys ... all the "side-taking divorce counselors" ... all of the disgruntled folks who write those "win in divorce court" books ... and all the "you are shameful for getting a divorce" peddlers... whether religious or politicians and sometimes both...by you telling them that you don't want their ways anymore ...... and only let people into the "club" who are ready to promote Happy Divorce.

The stellar, credentialed professionals we know... are astounded... gratified...and totally convinced when they see the results that happen when they introduce their clients to our Happily Divorced! Program. Their clients demonstrate how to have a... Happy Divorce!

vanessa stewart
"...a compelling read that will show you how to have a peaceful, sane divorce."

“Happily Divorced" is a wonderful resource for people going through divorce. Its deeply moving stories of pain and triumph, and empowering action steps make for a compelling read that will show you how to have a peaceful, sane divorce."

Carolyn Ellis
Author, The 7 Pitfalls of Single Parenting

Once certain insights are attained and certain steps are taken... it's... like a miracle.

And you would be stunned how many people are ready for these new concepts... celebrate them... clap and cheer loudly when we introduce them... and we are certain that millions of others... just like you... will also get out of your chairs and cheer with relief... when you too see how your life can be enhanced in ways we describe... in our Happily Divorced! course.

vanessa stewart
"...could make an incredible difference in the results that people get in their divorce."

"An eye-opening and invaluable journey of our adversarial legal system and the harm it inflicts upon families, as well as the "light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel" on how it could be-a "Peaceful Divorce."
Their groundbreaking “Win-Win Formula” steps, which are so simple, if applied, could make an incredible difference in the results that people get in their divorce.
This is the book I wish I would have written! This remarkable book is a must read for anyone considering divorce or is in the midst of a divorce.
I am going to have every one of my clients read this book."

Jaana Moisio, Esq.
17 year Divorce Attorney
Author “Friendly Parents Give The Best To Their Kids (And Win Cases)”
Founding Member, Assoc. of Marital-Based Collaborative Lawyers

Once we found others like us... who believe in the concepts of Happily Divorced!... and we put together all the most powerful information in the world on this...

...even we were stunned by the results
...even we never expected that people could... by the simple introduction of certain techniques and skills... create a lifelong pattern of positive interaction and happiness during... and even more importantly... AFTER divorce.
"We EACH felt safe and saw her as our own personal ally"

"This loving, easy to use this helpful course, complete with the "win-win formula" reflects Cynthia's amazing mediation skills, masterful intuition and powerful compassion.
I experienced these talents when my ex-husband and I ended a 25 year marriage and later worked through a modification issue. We EACH felt safe and saw her as our own personal ally. Quite an accomplishment on her part!
We wanted a co-operative relationship and Cynthia helped us have it. We share holidays and special occasions (each with our new mates) with our three grown sons and precious granddaughter, Avery. BUY THIS PROGRAM!
She's right, 'It's never too late!' "

Elaine Donaghue RN, LCSW, ACSW

We were stunned.

And excited.We've used all our spare time for almost two years now compiling... writing... interviewing other experts... and improving on those already shockingly effective techniques... and now even after all these years of intense practice... learning... research...

...even we are amazed and gratified
at the results of what we've discovered... for example:

"New Instant Mental Adjustments...
Wow, what a change"
  • First, We learned that there are certain "mental sets" that people have in their heads about divorces... and relationships in general...which... although they have been learned and followed for even as much as 70 years... can be unlearned in a matter of minutes... causing an almost unstoppable flood of new, positive thoughts and emotions... changing the entire course of a divorce in... literally... five minutes.

"Instant Shifts In Attitudes...Like a miracle"

  • Second, We discovered that the skills people "naturally" have to handle "hot buttons" and emotions that come up in divorce... are... no better, and in many cases, far worse... than the skills that their parents and grandparents have.This is true in spite of the "self-help" and "communication" movements made so popular in recent television, books, radio and movies. In fact, the "Stubborn Factor" is... in almost all cases... far worse... because people who have studied such "self help" ideas such as "assertiveness" end up making a far worse mess... a more complex tangle of pain and frustration... than ever before in any other generation. And yet we discovered that even this can be turned around in minutes... if you are willing.

Simple "Equality Between the Sexes" Techniques
Transformative... Immediately
  • Third, We discovered that there are simple, instantly accepted techniques, which... level the playing ground... between men and women... and make them true equals on the path to being Happily Divorced! (This surprised and delighted us, since it solves one of the oldest complaints in the so-called "Battle of the Sexes"... one of the most damaging factors in the Old process of divorce).

the most surprising discovery... the one which set us on our heels and made us even more eager to get the course out to as many people as possible... a huge... unexpected result... came out of our work with divorcing couples using the principles of Happily Divorced! Namely...
Using the Techniques of the Happily Divorced! Course
Improved Their Lives In Every Other Way...
At the Same Time

vanessa stewart
"Because of this great information, my family has been able to save thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees, and, best of all, our two beautiful boys are happier than they have ever been."

"After reading Happily Divorced, Secrets of the Win-Win Formula and listening to the audio program, my co-parenting relationship with my soon to be ex-husband has gotten so much better, and we have able to work things out in our divorce without a battle.
Before that, since we broke up my husband and I we were always fighting about everything – money, the kids, you name it. We couldn’t agree on anything, and our kids were really suffering.
Because of this great information, my family has been able to save thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees, and, best of all, our two beautiful boys are happier than they have ever been. They feel lucky to have two happy homes, and two loving parents who get along with each other. Thank you so much, Dr. Max and Attorney Tiano!

Vanessa Stewart
Hollywood, Florida

In other words, starting with learning the skills of a Happy Divorce... also... creates a sturdy and robust foundation for improving every other part of your life.

Now isn't that surprising? You start out going in the direction of a divorce... which seems... according to your society's teachings... one of the worst things you can do... and then... find out that... using the secrets of Happily Divorced!... suddenly your whole life is better and you are feeling better... stronger... more satisfied... in every single area of your life.

These outcomes... we have to repeat it... have been a sheer delight to us... and to all the clients and professionals with whom we consult.

Imagine: we just started out just trying to help people get through divorce in a positive way... and we discover methods and techniques which
explode their satisfaction... in all areas of their lives.

And now we are passing that on... which is why we created the Happily Divorced! Program.

So, why haven't these amazing secrets about Happy Divorce... found their way into the news... onto the television?Well... two reasons...
  • first of all, they are so NEW that there just hasn't been time.. we'll get there.
  • Second... the few people who knew about these secrets... just were kind of timid about putting them out there.
We already said that there is a lot of shame and judgment about divorce in our society. So the few who knew the secrets of Happy Divorce... were just afraid of being ridiculed by others... especially if they felt ashamed themselves about their own divorce (professionals, just like other people, have the same statistics of divorce... of course!).

And in order to understand how effective and new these methods are, we wanted to tell you that...

It's Not Your Fault
You Fight With Each Other

And there's this big "machine" of the divorce industry too.

Whenever someone comes up with a "better idea" that threatens the status quo ... Weall know what happens... it just gets silenced.

There's big money in keeping people fighting in court. Unscrupulous divorce attorneys can get super-rich keeping you fighting with each other. Think of it this way. The more horrible your divorce is, the more money these types of divorce lawyers make! So they have no interest in you getting along! They love it when you fight, and don't try to stop it!

But even those honorable divorce lawyers who don't know any better can make matters worse...much worse!

And we haven't even mentioned the adversarial legal system and the harm it can do to unprepared and unsuspecting families...Without this revolutionary knowledge, the deck is just stacked against you!

"In the old days we all just accepted that the attorneys and the courts knew best. WE'RE TAKING OUR POWER BACK!

People are changing... you can see it everywhere.

We want to be in charge of our own lives. You can see this, for example in the health care industry. Where would be we today if we just blindly always followed what doctors told us what to do, like they used to... just a few years ago... and there was no knowledge of natural medicines and healing... and there was no way to question what doctors did... we were completely at their mercy.

We would be completely at the mercy of the doctors today if we still thought that way.
Fortunately now we have information and participate in our own medical treatment!

And the same thing is happening in the world of divorce.

People are taking charge of their own lives... all that is changing now, every day, in the family law courts... slowly... surely.. and now you can make the changes happen FAST in your life... so you can get on and be Happily Divorced!
  • Yes... people naturally want to get along and understand each other. But the "system" who never wants you to be in charge of your own life... has talked you out of your natural, God-given inclination... to have compassion, understanding and love even during divorce. Because...
It is Your Birthright To Have a Healthy Divorce
-A Healthy Relationship -
A Healthy Life After Divorce!

We warned you this would be shocking... that those of you who have "standard" views of divorce... the "old" ways of seeing divorce... might be appalled.
Yes, we said that as we meant it... It is your birthright to have a healthy divorce.

Now we are not saying you should get a divorce... if you can work it out and be together and be happy, blessings and good tidings unto you!... and you deserve to have a great relationship, too!

But if you are going to get divorced
... it's part of your God-given right to make your own decisions... and it is your birthright to have a healthy... happy... joyous life.

And that
includes a Happy Divorce.

We are not about to apologize for saying this... to anyone... and again... we hope we didn't offend you... but people are desperate for real, honest, genuine, realistic advice. omething you sink your teeth into and it doesn't disappear.

We are just sweeping away the nonsense so you can see what is true, and real.If you disagree... and want to be miserable and feel ashamed... we can't stop you... but we'd rather give you a chance at feeling great... happy... joyful.

That's why we have created the amazing new Program revealing how to have a Happy Divorce... secrets you could never find anywhere else.

The Happily Divorced! Program teaches you exactly how to take the leap into a whole new way of thinking... feeling... approaching what was always before a "hot potato"... and having a whole new approach to divorce. Here is the first part of the course, our brand new book.

There's much more for us to show you, but first... let's talk about this revolutionary book you can own right now...

divorce, divorce mediation
No Excuses For This Revolutionary Book
Other books and courses on divorce... even if they aren't just trying to talk you into "screwing" your spouse...(we hate that word as much as you!)... and are trying to present "other ways..." still talk about making divorce "not as bad as it could be." THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Happily Divorced! goes a lot further... daring you, challenging you to be in charge of a great life... and not get swamped and drowned by divorce. Really, there's no need to be hurt by divorce!

Divorce can be much better than they say...

Here is just a taste of what is included in this powerful, life-changing book (and this is only one part of the whole Program!... there's much, much more!)

Inside you'll discover...
  • The "secret happiness factor" known by only the few people who have "gone the extra mile" to learn the real truth about men and women (not the standard thinking you find on the newsstand of your grocery store!)
  • The "instant agreement" sentence you can say... that will almost always guarantee that your decision making during and after divorce go better (And no, it's not "yes, dear!").Just learning this one secret could save you years and years of heartache.
  • The single WORST error you can make when hiring attorneys in your divorce... and how you can avoid this error and save yourself tens of thousands of dollars and years of pain
  • A "ju-jitsu" move that turns losing into winning every single time (This technique is so simple... and... so little-known... not even most psychologists or therapists have ever even heard about it, let alone "civilians.")
  • The little-known "trick" which ends criticism and negative hostilities... on both sides of the relationship... forever!
  • What people really want from each other during a divorce! (Nine out of ten people are absolutely floored by this secret because... they didn't have a clue.)
  • How to immediately identify the "tipping point" which, if crossed, will cause all out divorce war... and the precise steps to take to make sure this doesn't happen! (There are, in every divorce, specific moments when it could "go either way," either into all out war or a positive direction... if you don't know how to identify those points, you could be in real trouble!)
  • Exactly how to handle your friends and family so that they don't create more havoc for you (we love our friends and families, but they can actually make things a lot worse for us in divorce!)
  • How to actually communicate with your spouse better after you get a divorce than you did before the divorce. (Some readers have found this to be one of the simplest but most valuable parts of the course)
  • The real reason why people fight during divorce (It's not what you think... this will amaze you)
  • Seven "very specific" secrets you can use in your divorce which will make your friends and family look at you totally puzzled because you both seem to be getting along... incredibly well!
  • How to start setting the groundwork for a great life after divorce... just using the simple basics of our "communication plan." (So simple you'll wonder why you didn't use it during your marriage)
  • Everything you could ever want to know about divorce (Secrets your attorney may not even know!)

"... the single most damaging mistake people commit when getting a divorce... one with life-long negative consequences and harm... and how to immediately guarantee you will NEVER commit this error."

And that's not all you get in your
Happily Divorced Program... not by a long shot!

Let's look at the next part of your Happily Divorced Course... Top Drawer Divorce Classes with some of the most celebrated professionals in the world... talking to you directly about your divorce! Included!

CD Audio #1
"Stay Married Or Get Divorced?
How To Decide With Heart, Mind and Soul."

with... Cynthia Tiano, ESQ and Dr. Max Vogt

divorce mediation
How to truly decide whether to stay married or get divorced (most people go about this in completely the wrong way)
What is normal to feel and think during this decision (the answers might shock you)
The number one reason people feel they can't make this decision with all their heart, mind and soul (not what you think)
Why contrary to most people's opinion you are a good person for considering divorce (this is very controversial)
The #1 biggest fear people face in deciding whether to get a divorce and how you can overcome this fear.
What is a "clear answer" to this question about divorcing... and what's the simplest and fastest way to be sure?
Why people REALLY get divorced (It's for the reasons you think... not for the reasons usually given)
The one group of people you should NEVER ask their opinion (you'll be amazed who it is)
Dr. Max is a world-renowned expert and bestselling author on relationships and marriage. This is the first time he has spoken publicly about how to truly make the decision whether to stay married or get divorced. This product is slated to be sold elsewhere all by itself for $49.95

CD Audio #2
"Co-Parenting Secrets...
What You Absolutely Need to Know

with... Cynthia Tiano, ESQ with Carolyn Ellis

divorce mediation
The absolutely essential "Single Parenting Pitfalls" you must avoid when parenting your children before, during and after divorce and working together with your ex-spouse.
The right amount of focus you should give to your children's opinions of your decisions (do this wrong and you could find yourself making decisions you never intended to make!)
The simple laws of "child power." How much power should children have in decision making? (There definitely is a "right way" and a "wrong way" to approach this issue... as many experienced single parents will tell you).
The two simple mental attitudes you need to adopt about your divorce in order to guide your children to health! (Not 1 in 10,000 parents gets this right - they don't know any better!)
How to handle the incredible responsibility of "gatekeeping" in co-parenting.  (Hint: Most people end up doing exactly the opposite of this... and reap the negative rewards!)
What's the right amount of "self-care" (get this balance wrong and you'll either play martyr or make martyrs of your children... you don't want to miss this!)
What is true "honesty" and "truthfulness" with children? (Most people have this backwards, and it will backfire on them... do you?)
Don't miss this incredible divorce class... it's an absolute must if children are involved in the divorce. (Everyone says they put the children first... but do they really? Do you... really? You should find out!)
Learn How to Finally Get Along With Your Co-Parent!
  • Carolyn Ellis is a graduate of Harvard University and first Canadian to be certified as a Spiritual Divorce Coach by the Institute of Integrative Coaching. Trained personally by founder and NY Times Bestselling author, Debbie Ford. Her new book is The Seven Pitfalls of Single Parenting, What to Avoid to Help Your Children Thrive After Divorce.
  • She is a single parent herself – she faced many frightening issues right before, during and after her divorce, and was overwhelmed. Underwent a complete reinvention of herself and questioning all of her definitions of herself. No positive role models to look at – most divorces she saw were bitter and the children suffered.
  • She wrote the book because she was shocked to find that there was very little useful, practical information out there. She wrote the book from the perspective of how to get through this process with some new tools that didn’t really exist out there --so that others could learn from the mistakes she made.
  • Researched through looking at her own mistakes, and interviewed dozens of parents who had gotten divorced and the lessons they had learned. Interviewed lawyers, parenting experts.
We are extremely proud to have this divorce class conducted by
one of the top experts on co-parenting after divorce, Carolyn Ellis!

CD Audio #3
"Watch Out For These Landmines
In Your Divorce!"

Cynthia Tiano, ESQ and Dr. Max Vogt

divorce mediation
Whether you are just considering divorce, going through it or living in the aftermath of divorce, these two seasoned professionals reveal the dark side of the process, all the things that can be a danger to you and your family, and show you the resources you need to get to what they call "Happily Divorced!"

This shockingly candid expose of the "dangers they don't warn you about" reveals the insider's perspective, what really goes on in the back rooms of divorce courts.

Don't let your family be permanently damaged! You must listen to bestselling author Dr. Max Vogt (author of 9 books on relationships) and Cynthia Tiano, ESQ (Certified Supreme Court Mediator) as they reveal the unbelievable pitfalls of the adversarial legal system, the psychological dangers to you, your family, your relationships... and your pocketbook!

CD Audio #4
"Mediation: Your Power Tool for
Creating a Peaceful Divorce"

Cynthia Tiano, ESQ

divorce mediation
The secret "straightforward" win-win formula and how it might save your family untold grief and money (and might even be the basis for a great "after divorce" partnership)
The untold difference between mandatory, court-ordered mediation (used by some states) and real mediation... and how this difference can totally determine your family's future (confuse these two and you could end up giving your power completely to the courts and your attorneys).
The simple rule for choosing a great divorce mediator... this makes it easy and positive for everyone involved.
Why mediation makes even more sense after you are "officially divorced" (the answer might shock you as it has many other people... you must get this information immediately)
Warning!The biggest mistakes people make when going through a divorce... costing tens of thousands of dollars, heartache and pain (and how you can almost instantly avoid these dangers)!

Cynthia Tiano, ESQ has received wide acclaim for her skills, teachings and accomplishments as a Supreme Court Certified Mediator... even being known as "The Mediator!"

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Dr. Max Marriage Counseling
divorce, mediation
Dr. Max and Cynthia Tiano, ESQ
OK... But How Much is This Program
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Let's talk about the cost of the Happily Divorced Gold Program.

First of all, it is not a cost, but an investment.

The Happily Divorced Gold Program is an investment in your family... in your wellbeing... in the happiness of your children and loved ones.
A Real World Discussion of the Cost of "Litigation"
(Old Style Fighting in Court) Divorce

Standard divorces (with the usual attorney fees, court fees, etc) across the country cost on average between $20,000 to $30,000 and far more in some parts of the country... in Florida it is $60,000 per spouse, or $120,000!

This doesn't take into account the ultimate costs, which are in pain, suffering, grief and loss... child trauma... confusion... loss of work time... loss of benefits... loss of relationships.

And this second part is even more costly!

So we say, why use the "old way" of divorcing. Use the Happily Divorced! Program and save money, time, energy, pain and suffering.

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Happily Divorced! Program
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We absolutely guarantee that if you follow the guidance in the Program you will have
  • Less Stress from the divorce process! (priceless!)
  • Less continuing anger toward your Ex (or soon to be Ex)
  • Less personal confusion about your divorce and what it means for your future relationships
  • Less "legal confusion" about what's actually happening and why in the divorce process
  • Less "red tape" in the courts delaying resolution and costing you money and more money
  • MUCH lower cost than going the usual "litigation" method (thus more money to "move on" after the divorce)
  • More self-understanding... more understanding of yourself and what motivates you in relationships (and less chance you will make the "same mistakes over again!")
  • More ongoing support in our Life After Divorce and Love After Divorce Membership Sites
  • Greater Self Esteem and self-acceptance based on very powerful help in our materials and ongoing membership groups which will support you incredibly!
  • Greater ease when talking with others about your divorce and family
  • Far less feeling of shame about getting divorced
Our initial title for this whole course was going to be "Divorce Without Shame," because that's what we will show you how to achieve. Shame is a destructive emotion which will drive you into the ground.

We want you to be... not ashamed... but proud of your courage and achievement.

Like we told you at the beginning of this letter, our approach is new and powerful. We want you to be able to hold your head up high and truly know that you have made the right decisions and are continuing to do so... decisions which are solid, loving, compassionate and helpful to everyone involved.

We know that deep down inside... even though you might be hurting and even thinking of revenge at times (we all have at some time)... what you really want is the best, most positive solution to the divorce process and to your life after divorce!

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divorce mediation

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We truly wish you all the best in your divorce and after the divorce.

Watch out for those divorce landmines and please let us be of assistance to you in this difficult time. We are here for you!


Dr. Max Marriage Counseling divorce, mediation

Dr. Max Vogt
Cynthia Tiano, ESQ

P.S. WARNING: We have seen many people try to "go it alone" in negotiating these difficulties in getting through divorce and beyond. And we've seen families devastated emotionally and financially. All we can say is "why do it alone when you have us and all our experience?"

We did all the hard work for you, so you can simply dig in and get yourself knowledgeable and very capable.

Why not get really informed, know what you are doing and save money, time, grief and pain? We recommend this:


And, again, thank you for reading this.

P.P.S. NOTE: We Respect your privacy and know that you may want to keep this purchase confidential. Be assured that the word "Divorce" will not appear on your credit card statement. You will have instant access to download the product to your computer.


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